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Welcome to PCLXForm.com, home of the most flexable and powerful product for converting PCL into text-searchable PDFs on the market today!

Most PCL transformation products are legacy parsers that can only extract text from simple PCL, like that generated from mainframe computers. PCLXForm can transform complex PCL generated from the latest printer drivers and extract the text.

What is “complex” PCL? Modern printer drivers by default download temporary bitmap font characters in the order that they‘re used in a document. This results in unreadable or “scrambled” text (unbound to a symbol set). PCLXForm can exclusively unscramble this text and then convert it to PDF, TIF, JPG or other popular formats with searchable text or external indexes. Or, the unscramble/extracted text can be inserted into the PCL in the clear (or, hidden) so that other, less sophisticated parsers can insert barcodes, OMR marks or whatever else is need by their job farther downstream.

PCLXForm also comes with our industry-exclusive PCLMagic printer drivers. If your user(s) can install and print to our PCL5e/5c/6 drivers, then we can always generate the print streams with full text searchability. Our custom printer driver is actually both a PCL driver and a ASCII/Unicode/UTF-8 text driver. PCLMagic driver insert the text (hidden/encrypted for only our tools to unencrypt/extract) before it gets “scrambled” by the normal PCL driver code.

PCLTool SDK Configurations

PCLTool SDK offers three PCLXForm batch transformation SDK options that range from US $425-$3,995 depending on the platform and options selected. The option you choose depends on your application requirements and the composition of your PCL. The majority of our clients get more out of our products than they initially thought possible. For that reason, we sell all of our PCLTool SDK options with the flexability to only pay for what you use.

PCLTool SDK Option V (PCL2ALL + ASCII text) is our most powerful product, providing full access to all of our TPT (Transformation Parameter Table) scripting functions and conversion into all supported formats.

SDK Option V takes advantage of functions that will extract text for bursting documents, derive the individual output PDF file naming convention, index key extraction and other advanced transformation functions. It can also generate "Rapid Batch Index" files for importation into virtually any third-party document imaging system (e.g. DocFinity®, FileNet®, OnBase, etc.).

PCL Tool SKD Option V is the perfect product for anyone who needs to streamedit PCL for enhancements such as:

  • Adding OMR marks or barcodes for insertion equipment.
  • Count document pages to split/sort into separate folders.
  • Add logos, form overlays, signatures, etc.
  • Edit PCL for printer migration: Go from an existing printer with multi-tray/bin assignments to a new printer's different tray/bin assignments.
  • Colorize PCL text to highlight negative numbers in red: insert color logos for better branding; add color shaded patterns to invoices to test the response rate of color vs. mono mailings.
  • Address correction and mail run optimization: We can extract all the address data, pass it to any third-party address correction software for ZIP+4 and other optimizations, and then replace the original text with the mail-optimized text. Also, we can add a postal barcode, index, add OMR marks and sort into batch folders.
  • Add searchable text to complex PCL that other products can't parse: Fortunately for us, most PCL "parser only" products can't handle complex PCL. They were developed when PCL was simple with readable text bound to character sets. PCLXForm can fix PCL files so that other, less sophisticated parsers can read them.

PCLTool SDK Option III (PCL to PDF + ASCII text) provides a straight, pass-through conversion of PCL into PDF raster or vector format. Option III does not provide the full use of the PCLXForm scripting functionality.

PCLTool SDK Option IV (PCL to Non PDF + ASCII text) script-driven console program with command line overrides for a straight, pass-through conversion of PCL into TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, EMF, WMF, PMF, and other formats (except PDF) with optional ASCII text extraction during the conversion. Option IV does not provide the full use of the PCLXForm scripting functionality.

For customers needing assistance in select the right option or integrating our products into their custom workflow, please contact our Technical Sales team at (+1) 858.732.1424 or send an e-mail to info@pcl2any.com for a quote.

PCLTool SDK Live Evaluation!PCLTool SDK Live Evaluation!

PCL to PDF Products

PCL to PDF Transformation products for Developers, Systems Integrators and MIS departments.


PCLTool SDK converts complex PCL into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, WMF, and EMF.

PCLWorks Program - PCL to PDF

PCLWorks Program provides a Subset of Essential PCLTool SDK GUI-Only Programs that can view, convert, print, debug, and analyze PCL Printstreams.

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